Go Dark

by Soft Deadlines

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released December 17, 2016

Written, produced and performed by Soft Deadlines:
Oliver Lemke - vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion
Chad Cussen - guitar, bass, keyboards, noise
Parker Douglas - drums

Recorded at STEM Recording and The Red Room, July-August 2016. Engineered by Curtis Grippe and Chad Cussen. Mixed by Chad Cussen.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Soft Deadlines Phoenix, Arizona

Soft Deadlines are on a mission to fuse elements of art punk and power pop with dirty club grooves a la Factory Records.

Music. Noise. Destruction.

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Track Name: Melt Down
There's broken glass on the balcony.
Sharks in the swimming pool.
Everyone you know is lying to you.
No one is truly cool.

Edit until you can edit no more.
Track your success.
Are you free-spirited or just a whore?
Anyone's guess.

But tonight you can melt down,
become the numbers.
One glass of water is enough to drown...

Sentient spiders are crawling the mainframe,
eating your bandwidth.
Anyone with a pocket of rye is the kind of guy you want to be friends with.

But tonight you can melt down,
become the numbers.
One glass of water is enough to drown.
Snap and go under.

There's nothing else but to play along.
There's nothing else but to play on...

Get on the phone to Poison Control.
Tell them your ills.
They're going to say "let your worries go;
life is what kills."
Track Name: Wanna Lose
You wanna start a tab, wanna drink in your hand,
you want some milk for your cereal.
You wanna impress friends with the rate at which you burn through reading material.

You wanna lose everything, because none of this is really happening.

You wanna girlfriend, someone to play games with.
An urge familiar to some of us.
You wanna be clean, wanna be home free;
to finally burn the umbilicus.
To finally burn.

And everything will change, until it stays the same.
Track Name: This City is Hell
That fear of something, something in the air.
That cabin pressure closing in
As we try to decide on a lane,
before we run out of reaction time.
We fry on the sidewalk like eggs,
steadily losing our minds...

This city is hell, this summer is a plague.
That fear of nothing happening

We'd sleep on the ceiling sometimes.
I never wanted to wake up.
Your head is hurting, your hands are tied.
No feeling like love...

I am the door that lets your cold air out
And you won't like it when I go there.

This city is hell.
Track Name: One Hand Clapping
The widening gyre. One hand clapping.
We made a big mess. A qualified success.
And every minute the world ends for someone.
How do you keep on?
In a square in Paris, or a club in Nice;
where does it go wrong?

Gonna paint a backdrop. Gonna build a wall.
You can't do anything right.
You can't do anything at all.
Not here, not now.
Are you taking anything?
Are you seeing...
Checking, checking, checking, checking out...

And we can beat this yet, because somewhere birds are singing.
Sometimes it's all that you get to remember.
And we can beat this yet, because somewhere...

In a place where we're all holding hands,
No longer damaged. Damned.
Not here, not now.
We're finally checking out.
Track Name: Punishment
It's unfair. Someone upstairs always pulling the strings.
Ben's a songbird, but the record skips when he, skips when he sings.
Roses are red and you're turning blue.
We're not in Kansas;
these eyes are cameras, this brain is a stew.
Used to be on my team, but apologies mean nothing but nothing to you.

You've got a problem, maybe a few.
Oh but you think of everything.

This is what we came for. The waivers are signed.
This is what we came for.
Down to half a mind but
Oh no, oh no, you are too kind.

Spite and sekt; every pause for effect drives that punishment through.
And like this beat, what repeats and repeats doesn't have to be true.
Track Name: Strategic Exit
I wrote this song to hurt you. Leave me out of your little plans.
You can hold your breath 'til you turn blue. Stick your head in the sand.
I've tried and tried to tell you. Sulked for days and days.
Goodbye kisses are all in the past; let's trade slaps in the face.

Look at you sitting in the corner. A victim without a crime.
And it's somebody else's fault that you've used up your last lifeline.
This is my strategic exit. Gonna hit the ground and roll.
Never said it when you meant it. Could have saved your soul.

I wanna know, I wanna know what you're feeling.
I wanna know if it could slow down your breathing.

But there was never anything up my sleeve;
only so many ways to leave.

I wrote this song to hurt you. Hope it breaks your heart.
What the hell was your problem that night at the bar?

Your heart is leather and your blood runs cold. You're not fooling anyone.
Your heart is leather and your blood runs cold,
cold on my hands.
Track Name: Shut Up
Take this pill.
Turn those smiles on.
In the dark your eyes glow like radon.

But you weren't always like this. You used to be fine.
Oh God bless us, no one can catch us in time.

Millicent won't shut up. She's distracted.
Doors that they never close, though it's freezing cold.

Too much water can kill you.
Too much water...

And I feel like it's rising. Your makeup is starting to run.
I don't know where we're going. I don't think it's home.
Track Name: Words Erased
Your face was red, like someone slapped you;
and she did sometimes.
The days onscreen healed both your sunburns with gin and Rose's lime.

But the night that you fell down the stairs to the basement
and broke every tooth in your head.
Everything fell into place like the pieces you picked up
and took back to bed.

No one could hear the alarm.
No one sees, no one believes you.
Nothing could keep you from harm.
Quiet please, people are sleeping through their lives.
And to be sure, it's an unpleasant surprise.
Take a right at the Coke machine. Vanish neatly.

But the smiles in the photos. The light in your brain. The heartbeat you felt through the bed frame.
Words you've erased.
Track Name: It Gets Heavier
Why aren't you listening? You always had everything going for you.
Pure love at just one look, there in the scrapbook we kept all this time.
But of course you know better, honey, what's best for you.
But it gets heavier when you're out there.
Just let us know.

Sing this when you're feeling tired to death.
Keep it in your house like a pet.
Wear it round your neck when you're out there.
You're always out there God knows where.

Just let us know
Just let us know
Just let us know you're okay.

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